Rent or buy your ANPR solution


GoANPR allows you to install low cost ANPR systems to your sites for a small installation cost (low upfront cost) and fixed monthly payments.

We install the very latest intelligent ANPR cameras, these cameras set new benchmarks in long life, high quality and superb ANPR recognition.

Rental price starts from £399 per month (includes software, support, data feeds & insurance)

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Other Services Integration

Our ANPR solution can fully integrate with permit systems, P&D Machines and cashless payment services. All added to efficiency of your site (Into your existing or new services on-site.)


Pricing & Extras

All our ANPR installations come at a fixed monthly price for 24 or 36 months so you always know how much your paying.

Prices starts from £399 per month - this is for a car park with a single entry & exit over 2 lanes - whilst each site is unique your price will always be fixed.

For your low upfront cost and fixed monthly payment you get:

  • ANPR cameras installed
  • Data connection for cameras
  • Replacement through failure or damage
  • Management information
  • Photo & data storage
  • Bespoke system development & support
  • Free integration into the PaymyPCN Platform
  • Cameras are fully insured

Optional extras:

  • On-premise white-list entry
  • Barrier entry
  • Location traffic management information
  • DVLA Data (Registered Keeper to just vehicle information)
  • Full Parking Charge Notice Management
Discount processing fee - when you use the PaymyPCN Platform for your Parking Charge Notice management.

Fully tailored to your needs

The ANPR data engine is fully developed in-house so we can fully adapt the system to your needs - Our systems fits with your needs, not you with it.

From a simple barrier entry white-list system to a complex multi payment, white-list, permit entry/exit solution.

Out of the box the solution already works with P&D machines, permit systems, cashless payment providers and the PaymyPCN Platform where data is passed seamlessly to enable a parking charge notice to be issued by post, linking with DVLA as required.

Fully tailored

Complete PCN Management -

The PaymyPCN management team have over 20 years experience in the parking industry - dealing with parking operators of all sizes and volumes, so you will be in very good hands!

So take advantage of the complete fully managed Parking Charge Notice solution from, which includes:

  • DVLA Data or V888/3 creation
  • Full Lettering (Notice to Keeper, Appeal response etc)
  • Customer payment & appeals client branded web site
  • Client Back-office application - keeps you in control with fully transparency
  • 2nd Stage Appeal management through POPLA or IAS
  • Debt Recovery, fully managed litigation or salvage support

All through one service - Fully integrated from installation Platform

It's all in the cloud

Our solution is fully cloud based - no need to install a local PC on-site or a data connection (broadband) to the cameras

The GoANPR login allows you to manage your site(s) from any device (mobile, tablet and desktop) from anywhere!

Fully Cloud Based

Why Rent?

ANPR equipment is a big capital expense and usually including a data connection, support and/or licencing fees on top, plus should the equipment be damaged or faulty you will need to buy new cameras to replace them.

Our service is very different

By renting your equipment - you pay a single fixed monthly cost which include data connection, support and licencing plus if the equipment is damaged or becomes faulty we replace it - isn't that a better way?

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