Affordable custom ANPR systems

A management team with over 15 years experience in the parking industry, means we understand and have seen almost every configuration your location may need.

If we haven't, we have a development team which can configure the system with in-house developed software to process the camera data as you need.

ANPR use cases:

  • Parking management
  • Public waste management reporting
  • Location visitor reporting for dwell times and rent reviews.
  • Traffic audit for capex planning
  • Valet solutions

Our ANPR systems work seamlessly with:

  • All leading camera manufacturers - camera for the location needs and budget.
  • Payment machines
  • Cashless services
  • Permit systems
  • Whitelist system built-in
  • Reporting tools - DataPrism

As well as providing real-time data actions such as:

  • Vehicle of interest alerts (app, email or SMS)
  • Barrier systems
  • LED displays
  • Web-hook triggers to push data to other systems

With optional system installation available nationwide.

All leading camera manufacturers - camera for the location needs and budget.
GoANPR Data with DataPrism

Rich Data Reporting with DataPrism

With GoANPR you have access to rich data reporting with our reporting software partner DataPrism, which can be used for you or your clients, the online report suite can be branded as your company.

Out of the box you get:

  • Real-time reporting - data live with every read
  • Visitor information by hour
  • Visitor information by day
  • Visitor footfall
  • Visitor types (new, returning, long standing)
  • Heat maps (occupancy)
  • Visitor Dwell times
  • Environmental information
  • Vehicle fuel types and makes
  • Co2
  • Electric vehicle percent of traffic - for EV investment review

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